The Argonauts are infiltrated in every sector. Surveyors, lawyers, managers, but also divergent young people, working mothers, artists of perception and artisans of the earth.

If it is true that at this moment Argo mainly needs to be known and to involve the public, so it is the graphic designers, the developers and the social-managers to pull the strings, it is absolutely true and certain that it will be the engineers and technicians to push on ongoing, for it to be earth to speak, to require attention and art.


We, Argonauts, are those who work for the project, injecting our energy so that it can take life and proceed from the inside of a virtuous circle.


Our skills are put into action by a different motivation from money, and aim at a likewise different gratification.

We do not know who among us will become part of the operative team after the ICO, but we will certainly find out on the road.


At the moment, our renumeration of honor is a little share of Gaian received as a prize for our pro-bono activities: the Golden Seeds.

We use battle names during interactions which mainly occur online, also via agile/scrum working.



  • argoname: Abbondio
  • microtask: paraphrase of an Argo-blog article
  • retribution: 5 Gseed

It isn’t difficult to end up as Argonaut; on the portal, even few interactions can let you gain Gseeds. And it is not even difficult to switch to a more operating mode, and touch the first line: there are many things to do, and no willingness will be wasted!

A good work is the summation of the willingnesses.



Needless to say, the Argonauts are the mind of the Argolands. Of the mind they also possess fixations and stubbornness.

After all, as the saying goes, “while talking, it isn’t time to listen”, and vice versa.


This text you’re reading, for example, was written by me, Herode, Argonaut.

Would you like to understand if it fits right to you?  Ask for contact to know more.